Logos and Branding


When referring to Viper Nation Academic Booster in any publicly printed material, the first mention should include the

organization’s entire name:  Viper Nation Academic Booster 


Thereafter, referring to “Viper Nation” in the same materials is acceptable. On occasion, supporters have also stated the entire name and

then continued to refer to Viper Nation as simply, “Your Academic Booster.” This is acceptable but not preferred.

While our official name is The Viper Nation Academic Booster, logos more prominently refer to “Viper Nation” with the

“Academic Booster” is smaller text below.  The logo must be used in its entirety.


PRIMARY Viper Nation Academic Booster LOGO

The primary version of the Viper Nation logo is the horizontal lockup. Colors are Black on white.

(Right-click then “save image as…” to download full-size logo.)



The use of a stacked version is also available.

(Right-click then “save image as…” to download full-size logo.)



Viper Nation logo use is approved for all grant recipients and sponsors, in context of publicizing their partnership with Viper Nation Academic Booster.

Please do the courtesy of informing Viper Nation, whenever the logo will be used. Please email to: Info@ViperNationEF.org