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“We have enjoyed seeing you each Wednesday and very much appreciate this program, more than you know. Your tireless effort to make sure everyone gets the tutoring they need and matched with the right kiddos is awesome! And Kaanti is the best. He started the year with math being his lowest grade, and now it is his highest grade! Yay! Kaanti had a way of connecting with Jacob on a personal level and, in turn, he really responded to her and, therefore, became more confident in his math skills. Again, I can’t say enough good things about the program, you and Kaanti. Have a great summer!”

-Wende Moyer, Parent

“We couldn’t have been happier with my daughter’s experience with Homework Help last year. She was able to get tutoring for Algebra to reinforce the classroom lessons. The tutors were not only equipped on the subject matter but were patient with the students while they grasp the concepts. Some of the tutors were downright excited about math! I think it was also a highly successful program for the students to see the older kids as role models when it comes to schoolwork. I hope this is a program we can continue in the community and a big shout-out to Cups and Cones for making their facilities available.”

-Staci Forshee, Parent