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POLICIES: Failure to adhere to the following rules will result in VNHH having to cease operations. We love to tutor and do not want to happen. Please helps us continue these services by complying with the expectations.

Thank you,
VNHH Officers

NEW THIS YEAR: Parents must sign a consent form on the first day of your student’s session. We will hold over signed consent forms from previous years.
We are only able to support Leander ISD curriculum/homework from your LISD school. Please do not bring homework from any other school or organization, as we cannot advise.

1) Sign up for 1 hour only, per day.
2) Sign up 1 STUDENT for 1 TIME SLOT. If you sign up 2 STUDENTS under 1 TIME SLOT, we will have to drop one of your students.
3) Please be courteous to other students by signing up for only dates that you need.
4) Please be courteous to Cups & Cones, as they generously provide VNHH with this space for free. Their support helps allow this tutoring service to remain free.
5) Please make your calendar correctly. If your schedule changes, please remove your name to allow others to sign up. No shows will be barred from VNHH for 1 week.

1) Walk your student into Cups & Cones.
2) Speak with an Officer on duty to confirm your tutoring time.
3) Sign in your student, include cell number and confirm that appointment time matches the schedule. If the time does not match, VNHH officers will do their best to accommodate your student; however, a tutor cannot be guaranteed.
4) VNHH prefers that parents remain at Cups & Cones during student’s session. Should parents leave, VNHH must be able to reach by cell phone, and parents must be able to return to Cups & Cones within 10 minutes.
5) Do not arrive late in picking up your student.
6) Personally pick up your student inside Cups & Cones. Officers will NOT release students to cars or allow students to walk home.

PARENTS: If you must cancel, first delete your appointment on SignUp.com. When you delete your appointment, we ask that you state your reason for canceling. If this is a last-minute emergency, please call Cups & Cones at 512-266-2444 and ask for a Viper Nation Homework Help Officer on duty. We respectfully ask that you cancel one week prior to your session so that others may sign up their students. Thank you.

TUTORS: First delete your appointment on SignUp.com. If you have to cancel within a week of your scheduled appointment, you MUST find a replacement tutor. If you continually cancel without finding a replacement, you will be permanently blocked from signing up.